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Entrance tickets for Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu (taken from

You just get out of the bus after a15 minutes drive. You just came straight Machu Picchu from Aguas Calientes. You feel so excited cause you are going to visit one of the World’s Wonders. You make the queue in the entrance and suddenly you cant get into the citadel and they send you back to the town. What happened? You silly didn’t buy your entrance ticket in Aguas Calientes. Yes, you cant buy your entrance tickets in the entrance. What irony…

To avoid this problem, its better you get your entrance tickets for Machu Picchu in the town, in Aguas Calientes. You can also buy it in Cusco, in INC (Culture National Institute) local. And when you go to the office, be sure you have enough “soles” cause they don’t accept dollars, nor credit cards (sometimes they don’t even have change!!).

The Gate of Machu Picchu

The fees are different if you are Peruvian than if you are foreigner. If you are Peruvian AND show your ID, you will pay S/. 63.00 soles. If you are foreigner, you will pay S/. 124.00 soles. But if you are under 26 years old AND you have (and show) the ISIC card in the office, you just pay S/. 62.00 soles. Are you under 26 and you don’t have ISIC card? What are you waiting for? Go and apply for it!!

Fees (taken from INC Cusco website) :

  • Foreigner Adult : S/. 124.00 soles (US$ 41.00 aprox.)
  • Foreigner Student : S/. 62.00 soles (only if you show your ISIC card)
  • Peruvian Adult : S/. 63.00 soles (DO NOT forget your DNI)
  • Peruvian Student : S/. 31.00 soles (show some identification)

Machu Picchu entrance

If you are traveling with a tour agency, its sure you don’t have to be worried for the tickets; they would have arranged everything. But if you travel by your own, you have to go to Machu Picchu Cultural Center, next to “Indio Feliz” (a wonderful restaurant by the way, great website too) placed at Main Square of Aguas Calientes. In Cusco you can buy the tickets in INC Cusco office, at San Bernardo Street, few blocks from Plaza de Armas de Cusco.

Machu Picchu Cultural Center opens at 5:15 AM and it closes at 7:00 PM. I repeat, take the EXACT CHANGE. The workers there are that nice that even if they have change, they wont be bothered to give it to you. They will just say (not even in a kind way) to go out and get the exact sum by yourself. Again, remember, JUST SOLES, no dollars.

Another view of Machu Picchu

The tickets are valid just for three days from the day of purchase, but its valid just for one admission. You cant get into Machu Picchu at the morning, go out for lunch and then come back into the citadel again at afternoon. You would need to buy a new ticket for that second entrance.

The citadel of Machu Picchu (the ruins) opens at 6:00 AM and stays open until 6:00 PM. Be sure to take just small bags with you; avoid big bags, if not you would be forced to leave them at the luggage store close to the entrance (and pay US$ 1.50 per each piece).

Walking in Machu Picchu (taken from

Let’s make a summary of this info. FAQ about Machu Picchu:

Where do you buy the entrance tickets to
Machu Picchu?

  • In Aguas Calientes: Machu Picchu Cultural Center (10 meters away from Main Square)
  • In Cusco: San Bernardo Street s/n (some blocks away from Main Square).

How much doest the entrance ticket for
Machu Picchu cost?

  • Foreigner Adult : S/. 124.00 soles
  • Foreigner Student : S/. 62.00 soles
  • Peruvian Adult : S/. 63.00 soles
  • Peruvian Student : S/. 31.00 soles

How long is the entrance ticket for Machu Picchu valid?

  • Its valid just for one admission and for 3 days for the day on purchase

When can I buy the tickets?

  • In Aguas Calientes everyday; the Machu Picchu Cultural Center opens from 5:15 AM until 7:00 PM.

Can I pay the entrance tickets with a credit card?

  • No, the payment is only in SOLES.

Is there an additional tax for entry to Machu Picchu?

  • No, everything is included in the entrance ticket price.

At what time can I enter to the citadel of
Machu Picchu?

  • Machu Picchu opens at 6:00 AM and you can stay there until 6:00 PM
Even Homer wants to come to Machu Picchu!!! (taken from

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  4. Machu Picchu é demais.
    Em outubro fará 2 anos que fui e 2 anos que quero voltar.
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  5. Tienen que ir directo a comprar los tickets de tren porque muchas veces se agotan, el tiempo de viaje es largo (cuatro horas) y el tren sale muy temprano. Tambien se puede visitar las ciudades vecinas entre cuzco y machu Picchu

  6. Machu Picchu un lugar maravilloso!.Si lo mas importante es tener los tickets tren pues tenemos que comparlos con anticipación.