lunes, 9 de marzo de 2009

Peru, live the legend…(Promotional video of Peru)

This is a spot made by the Commission for the Promotion of Peru (Promperu in Spanish). It shows something I love about Peru: that you have everything, everything the planet has to offer, a place that has it all. If you want wonderful ruins, you have Machu Picchu and Cusco. If you want beaches, you can go to beautiful northern beaches. If you want adventure on snow or climbing, you better go to Huaraz. If you want some mysticism, get a flight over Nasca lines. If you want nature, go to Amazon jungle, the largest forest of the world. Are you a fan of delicious food? Try the best gastronomy of whole America in our restaurants.

And you know what the best of all of this is??? You can do everything in any time of the year. You can go from cold Cusco’s mountains to hot Puerto Maldonado’s jungle in less than an hour…. You can go from the high snowy mountains to warm beautiful beaches in less than an hour… Don’t think it more. Come to Peru….

In a land where gods have turned into mountains

The siblings of the sun dress in gold

Scissor handed mortals dance for days on end

Pink dolphins emerge from the water

In the distance, we can see a magnificent city made entirely of mud

and ancestral figures stretch for miles across the desert

This place exists

see it

feel it

Peru, Live The Legend…

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  1. I like it Raul! What a shame that I have to write this comment in english now! Any way, nice input but I will suggest also attach the other video that says : Peru has everything!...I love that one and sincerely that encourages to more foreigners to come and visit us.
    Btw, I already shared this blog with Mario and he liked it :-)